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Kill Me If You Can, You SOB is unquestionably a controversial Vietnam War book that came from the diary of helicopter pilot Bob Miller. It's a genuinely strange analysis of the Vietnam War and the history and politics behind the Vietnam War.



"Looking for a quick read; a Vietnam War book on military strategy, aviation history, and grunts in the 101st Airborne Division? This is the book. But don't buy it expecting to read about flag waving drones. These guys obviously loved their country, but it's doubtful that Johnson, Nixon, McNamara or Kissinger would have survived a flight with Arann and Miller at the controls. CW2 Arann, being a patriot, might have passed up the opportunity to rid the world of a war mongering politician, but not Miller." - Nancy Schatteman, Movietone/Book Reviews


Lieutenant Colonel Manuel A. Alves ( Black Hawk)

During the period that Lieutenant Colonel Manuel A. Alves, a hawk-nosed infantry officer from California, commanded the 3-506th Inf. Battalion there was little doubt in anyone's mind as to who was in charge. Sometimes within an Army outfit the Battalion Operations Officer (S-3) or the Battalion Sergeant Major will try to run the battalion, but when LTC Alves assumed command in December 1968, he let everyone know that he followed the principles of Unity of Command and Chain of Command. LTC Alves relied heavily on his company commanders, usually senior 1st Lieutenants or junior Captains, but he also made sure that his company commanders knew who their superior was, and that the orders would come from only one person within the battalion as long as he held the position of battalion commander. I seriously and honestly believe that one of the main reasons why so few men from the 3rd-506th Inf. were killed or seriously wounded while in Vietnam was the excellent leadership exhibited by Black Hawk in the management of the battalion." -- Analysis 1971 Dr. James E. Gates

LTC Alves (Black Hawk) doing what he did best--caring for his men. Black Hawk was a good man, an extraordinary soldier. Honestly, I could have been in the middle of a damn heart attack and he'd expect me to rush out to medivac one of his troopers with a toothache. LTC Alves, my friend and hero.

 ( )    ( )

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it straight through. I could not put it down. I was there during most of his tour and was familiar with a lot of his anecdotes about Black Hawk. My only disappointment was that it ended too soon. Bob is to be commended for the support he gave our Currahees and the very fine literary effort. I shall treasure both." - Dave Beaty 3-506th Infantry Airborne

"There are lots of books about the Vietnam War, but this military book is different. I served in the Vietnam War and deeply appreciate meeting these guys Miller writes about; they, like me, were not John Wayne. We were young, foolish and, yes, sometime scared shitless. We made mistakes; but as Miller points out, we were up against an army that didn't know the meaning of surrendering. In my opinion, this short Vietnam War memoir/biography has somehow captured an elusive truth, a vulgar accuracy of the politicians, history, and is an on-target analysis of the Vietnam War. It might ruffle the feathers of those who march in lockstep to Washington's war drum, but will find favor with anyone who cried with joy listening to Barack Obama's speech in Germany. Neither Obama nor this author, especially this author, will go quietly into the night".  - David Chapman Sydney, Australia

"You missed! But kill me if you can, you SOB. Four bullets in the cockpit, one in the compressor, and down we went. I wish Black Hawk and his 3-506th Currahees would take the day off. That old man is going to get me killed." - CW2 Bobby Miller (Vietnam War December 1968).


192 AHC

CW2 Richard Arann

(left) Killed in action on 06/24/1969 Vietnam Memorial P-21W / L-05

WO Theodore Thoman

Killed in action 03/31/1969 Vietnam Memorial P-27W / L-007

I'm an atheist so I don't expect to ever join up with these two pilots. Both were my tent mates, and it was a pleasure knowing them. I was with Thoman when he died, and I wish I had been somewhere else, because he took a big part of me, the caring part, with him.

Publisher's proviso: This is a book about the Vietnam War by Bob Miller, one of America's most controversial writers of non-fiction books and military books. It is almost impossible to predict how Vietnam/Viet Nam veterans will judge this book since Bob Miller is being called a hero by some and a traitor and expatriate by others. Without a doubt, Bob Miller is a rebel, but he is not without a cause. We do concede that Kill Me If You Can, You SOB is a highly controversial Vietnam War military book that's potentially divisive.

"While Americans grimace at the mention of the Hitler Influence, there is nowhere to run, no where to hide from our Auschwitz and Dachau–-Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. The United States didn't become the most feared nation in the world through hope, faith and charity. We are a country that is loved and hated for the same reason. We have nuclear weapons of mass destruction and we've proved to the world we'll use them. Americans are a lot like lions that go after and kill hyenas, and you can save the speech about lions only killing hyenas to protect their territory. Lions, like Americans, don’t give a damn whose territory the hyenas are in, they’ll kill them absent of hunger and leave the bodies lie where they fall. I know because I been there and done that." Bob Miller

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BA secular book about humorous events, anti-war, misanthropes, black ops, assassins, the Vietnam War and Atheism. It's captivating, Miller is a true rebel; his views are passionately felt and poetically expressed. This is a nerve-tingling trip behind the steel door that hides the truth. Bob Miller is one of America's most controversial writers (Google). ISBN-13: 9781483520650


Biography: Bob Miller was born in Florence, Alabama (1940). Miller served as a pilot in Vietnam in 1968-69 and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal. Challenged Richard Shelby for a seat in the U.S. Senate in 1992. Produced the television show, The Late Show (BLAB 2001). Worked as the golf pro on Holland America's ms Westerdam.

Kill Me If You Can, You SOB Vietnam War Book by Bob Miller